About us

With a passion for fashion and desire to always exceed customer's expectations, A clear business concept and strong values have taken Nabeel & Aqeel from an exclusive haute couture designer to a fast growing ready to wear fashion brand of Pakistan.

Nabeel & Aqeel brand was established in 1999 in Lahore, in response to a much-felt need of quality fashion apparel that blended style and excellence with the right price. Nabeel & Aqeel reputed to be synonymous with quality, elegance, style and luxury. The brand derives its name from its creative founders, the dynamic pair of brothers Nabeel Iftikhar Ahmed and Aqeel Iftikhar Ahmad, who are ranked in the top entrepreneurial and fashion circles of the country.

Over 18 years of operation, Nabeel & Aqeel has made its mark through creative and dedicated designing, futuristic vision, quality production of high-class clothing. The consistence of customer satisfaction has created a niche amongst savoir-faire and fashion circles in particular and globally in general for Nabeel & Aqeel.

The consistent stylistic perfection of Nabeel & Aqeel products is based on impeccable quality and workmanship, reinforced by attentive service. Dedicated to timeless elegance, the brand selects modern ideas and incorporates them into its products, which become sophisticated garments suitable for any occasion.